Ambassador (formerly Affiliate) Program Terms & Conditions - ElsyStyle Women Apparel

In the context of this agreement and for the purpose of our partnership, we prefer to refer to our 'Affiliates' as 'Ambassadors'. All terms, conditions, and references in this document to Affiliates should be understood as referring to Ambassadors.
  1. Completely Free: Everyone is welcome to join, and it's completely free to participate. No credit card or payment of any kind is required.
  2. Diverse Communication Channels Welcome: Ambassadors are not obligated to possess a specific social communication channel or maintain a minimum follower or group count. They have the freedom to employ any promotion methods or communication techniques they prefer, whether it's through Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Youtube Channel, WhatsApp groups, Instagram, or even word of mouth, to engage with their audience and drive purchases on
  3. Profile Completion Requirement for ElsyStyle Ambassadors:
    Upon acceptance into our Ambassador Marketing Program, it is required for all ElsyStyle ambassadors, in the interest of transparency, to complete their personal or business profiles. This enables them to act as ElsyStyle Ambassadors effectively, utilizing ElsyStyle's affiliate links, assets, coupons, and other tools or services. They can operate in capacities such as Ambassador, Affiliate, Representative, Promoter, or Reseller for ElsyStyle.
  4. Initial Sales Requirement: Once accepted as an ambassador, participants are expected to record at least one sale within the first 30 days to showcase their genuine intent in promoting our products. Sales that are subsequently refunded, returned, or canceled are exempted from this count. After 30 days, if no sales have been generated through your efforts, please reach out to us at, if you wish to extend your affiliation for an additional 30 days, or even more days.

  5. Commission and Discount Structure: Upon joining the ElsyStyle affiliate program, ambassadors will be granted the privilege of offering their audience a 5% discount on any product purchased through their affiliate links for a period of 30 days, while simultaneously earning a 20% commission. Following this introductory period, ambassadors wishing to maintain the 5% discount for their audience will have their commission adjusted to 15%. Otherwise, they may continue to earn the initial 20% commission without offering any discount to their followers or audience. To reactivate the discount offer, please contact us at
  6. Ambassador Portal & Performance Tracking: Ambassadors will have access to a dedicated portal where they can monitor the traffic they direct to ElsyStyle and track the sales (including any refunds) generated through their affiliate links.
  7. Termination of Agreement: Ambassadors can choose to terminate their association with ElsyStyle at any time without any obligation to specify a reason. Conversely, ElsyStyle holds the right to end the partnership at its own discretion without any obligation to elucidate.

  8. Commission on Refunds, Returns or Cancellation: No commissions will be paid out for products that are refunded, returned, or canceled.

  9. Technical Issues: Ambassadors acknowledge that while extremely rare, may encounter technical difficulties. This includes but isn't limited to issues with platform performance, payment gateways, visual presentation, product descriptions, and prices. 

  10. Brand Representation: While ambassadors are authorized to utilize ElsyStyle's promotional materials and any other resources furnished by ElsyStyle without copyright concerns, they are obliged to avoid misuse, misrepresentation, or impersonation of the brand. Unauthorized usage of brand logos, images, text, descriptions, and prices is not allowed. Ambassadors may represent the ElsyStyle brand as resellers or promoters but are strictly prohibited from presenting themselves as owners of the company. Violations of this policy could result in legal action from ElsyStyle against any individual, company, entity, agency, or promoter involved.

  11. Honest Traffic: ElsyStyle employs sophisticated technology to monitor traffic. Any fraudulent activities, such as bot-driven traffic, hacking attempts, phishing, or any deceptive financial schemes, will be detected and may lead to termination of the affiliation.

  12. Content Guidelines: ElsyStyle must not be associated with content that promotes hate speech, discrimination, unlawful religious or political activities, drugs, adult content, or any illegal materials.

  13. Profile Information: Upon acceptance, even if it's not mandatory, Ambassadors are to fill out their personal or business information in the Ambassador Portal. This ensures transparency and signals commitment, potentially leading to prioritized commission raises.

  14. Data Consistency: Ambassadors accept that ElsyStyle has access to the Ambassador Portal. Any discrepancy between the data provided there and the Administrator Portal may result in a suspension of the account until it's resolved. Purchases and refunds are subject to review and may be adjusted or denied.

  15. Data Retention: Ambassadors acknowledge that ElsyStyle will retain their personal and/or business data for the duration of the ambassadorship. Upon termination of the partnership, data may be retained for a further 30 to 60 days before deletion.

  16. Program Duration and Termination: This ElsyStyle Ambassador Marketing Program operates indefinitely. However, ElsyStyle's management reserves the right to conclude the Affiliate Program at any time for any reason without the obligation to provide explanations to its Ambassadors, Affiliates, Marketers, or Promoters.
  17. Disclaimer: Ambassadors acknowledge and understand that the owners of ElsyStyle reserve the right to amend, modify, or change any part, section, or provision of these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notification, based on the best interests of the entire ElsyStyle business.


Payment and Commission Release Terms


  • Payments to Ambassadors for sales generated on through their promotional links will be processed between the 1st and 5th business days of each month.
  • Ambassadors acknowledge that payments will be made via PayPal. If they do not currently have a PayPal account, they are responsible for creating one to receive their earnings.
  • Important Detail: Given that customers have a 14-day return window, and accounting for shipping (3 to 7 business days) and processing times (1 to 2 business days), Ambassadors should not expect immediate payment for sales made during this period. Commissions for these sales will be released once the return window has expired and all processing is complete.


By participating in the ElsyStyle Affiliate Program, ambassadors agree to adhere to the above terms and conditions in their entirety. Failure to do so may result in the suspension or termination of the affiliation.