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Women's Short leggings model 183223 - Ladies Casual & Formal Bottoms - Black Color

Women's Short leggings model 183223 - Ladies Casual & Formal Bottoms - Black Color

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Women's fitted knee-length leggings in intense black. Leggings are made of high-quality elastic and strongly covering the body fabric, which fits well to the figure, shapes it and masks the protruding tummy. The length of the legs reaches before the knee, the bottom is trimmed with a delicate seam, which is elastic and does not divide the leg. Leggings have a high waist, so they mask the feminine imperfections of the figure. At the waist they are finished with a double folded layer of fabric, they are pressure-free and therefore very comfortable to wear. Leggings, due to the higher top, in addition to masking the imperfections of the figure, effectively expose the buttocks, lifting them up. The material from which they are made is very breathable and therefore the body does not sweat and remains fresh during use. Cycling shorts are aimed at ladies leading an active sports lifestyle. They will prove useful during cycling, as they do not restrict movement, as well as for morning jogging. Leggings can be matched with a sports short top and it will be a perfect set for exercise at the gym. Washed at the right temperature according to the label, they retain their original appearance. Each lady should have them in her closet.

Spandex 16 %
polyamide 84 %
Size Hips width Waist width
L 102 cm 76 cm
M 98 cm 72 cm
S 94 cm 68 cm
XL 106 cm 80 cm
XS 90 cm 64 cm
XXL 110 cm 84 cm
XXXL 114 cm 88 cm
XXXXL 118 cm 92 cm
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