Impact the World with Purposeful Fashion Purchases

Don't you think that we can do things better than we have done until now? 

As the first fully socially sustainable women's clothing boutique, we emphasize handcrafted garments from genuine designers working in superb conditions. Our commitment extends to eschewing mass-produced, low-quality apparel from dubious sources and clothing derived from animals. Instead, we opt for superior quality imitations and eco-conscious materials. Additionally, with every purchase, we proudly donate 4% to charity, creating a significant impact globally through the power of fashion.


 How Donations Works


We will automatically contribute up to 4% from any product you purchase on our site to one of the following organizations, which you can select at checkout:


  • Malala Funds - Equality World for Women
  • Fight Poverty - Family Scholar House
  • Animal Rights - Dogs & Cats Care & Protection¬†


If you're hesitant about purchasing or donating at the moment but still wish to support us, you can help by sharing our Innovative Fashion Project on social media with your friends and family. 


Furthermore, if you're passionate about raising awareness of socially sustainable women's boutiques, supporting charitable causes, and helping customers shop with purpose, we invite you to join our team as an affiliate.


If you're interested, feel free to reach out to us. Just email with 'Socially Sustainable Affiliate' as the subject for any questions or information.


With heartfelt thanks from all of us at ElsyStyle, we deeply appreciate your support in helping us make a significant impact in the world.